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I learned that it is important to continue reading about past mistakes that the world has made. Considering the lives of those captured in slavery made me sad and at the same time full of disgust for those who practiced it. Everytime I learn about inhumanity I am first shocked and my ignorance of it and secondly shocked at how inhumanity continues in this world... unnoticed by so many. I learned so much about the strife of African slaves in the united states. The real images portrayed in the book were so powerful. I was so impressed by Douglass who's purpose in writing the book was not self importance but encouraging abolitionists. He had pure motives and a supreme desire to explain the truth of slavery. I believe while this book is sad and thought provoking it is a story of hope. I look at it and see how far we have come. It makes me see more clearly the injustice of todays world and look forward to the future with hope. I reccommend this book to those that are discouraged with today's world. Those who say that the world is a bad place and getting worse. Douglass' book is a call to action. It makes me think about what is wrong with the world and want to improve it.

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