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To be fair, I downloaded this off Amazon without reading the description or even checking out the reviews. While purchasing a paranormal novel, this popped up under "People who purchased ____(whatever it was I was buying at the time)___ also purchased: Amulet." I assumed, incorrectly, that it was another paranormal story.

It's not. It's really, really not.

Okay, sure, maybe in the sense that there's a supernatural object that renders the wearer invisible. In this case, a high school aged boy named Jason. And like most high school aged boys would do if given a magical object that makes them invisible, he used in to spy on people. Having sex. All kinds of sex. The girl next door, the couple up the street, some girls in the locker room at school, his best friend & the local cop, his crush.

At no point does Jason stop and think, "Hey. You know. This is kinda creepy of me. Just skulking around. Naked. Watching friends and neighbors having sex." I mean, I thought it was creepy. I also found myself thinking, "Good God, I hope these kids are 18. Otherwise, I'm one iced tea away from having a sit down with Chris Hansen."

Okay. I probably sound like a prude right now. Like I'm clutching my handkerchief to my chest, coming over all, "Dear Me!" but let me finish: part of my reaction was my fault. I went into this blind, thinking it was something it wasn't and after I went back, halfway through the book, and checked the reviews and realized "Oh. Hey. Okay. I'm reading a cut and dry erotic novel. Alright. Let's do this." I went back and attempted to finish it from that viewpoint, rather than wondering when the plot was going to show up.

And even from an erotic standpoint, this isn't...it's not good. It reads like a high school boy's wet dream. Which, I guess, is exactly what it is.

Oh. And apparently there's a sequel.

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