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“A captivating portrayal of life-after-death, told in a fresh and entertaining voice.” Parajunkee’s View

Nothing in life is free. Turns out, nothing in the afterlife is, either.

When recently-deceased Irene Dunphy decided to “follow the light,” she thought she’d end up in Heaven or Hell and her journey would be over.

Boy, was she wrong.

She soon finds that “the other side” isn’t a final destination but a kind of purgatory where billions of spirits are stuck, with no way to move forward or back. Even worse, deranged phantoms known as “Hungry Ghosts” stalk the dead, intent on destroying them. The only way out is for Irene to forget her life on earth—including the boy who risked everything to help her cross over—which she’s not about to do.

As Irene desperately searches for an alternative, help unexpectedly comes in the unlikeliest of forms: a twelfth-century Spanish knight and a nineteenth-century American cowboy. Even more surprising, one offers a chance for redemption; the other, love. Unfortunately, she won’t be able to have either if she can’t find a way to escape the hellish limbo where they’re all trapped.

"Thereafter is an intelligently written, thought-provoking read. Irene's back, and the afterlife will never be the same!” Lori Sjoberg, author of Grave Intentions

“Terri Bruce has a gift for creating ghostly tales that are both believable and impossible to put down.” Danielle Perez, Book Whore

“Packed with action, mystery, and romance, Thereafter makes the afterlife anything but dull.” Jennifer Allis Provost, author of Copper Girl

“[Thereafter] is at times frightening, funny, and touching…Death was the first problem for Irene, and this new novel makes the next problem even more fascinating.” Sue Burke, translator, Amadis of Gaul

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Release date 01.05.2014
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