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I love mythology as long time readers will well know. Greek Myths, in particular, have always held my interest, ever since reading Marcia William’s comic style retellings from cover to cover as a child.

The God Beneath the Sea tells the early stories of the Gods and their war with the Titans to claim rule, up to Prometheus and the creation of man, and Hera’s betrayal of Zeus. The Gods are not generous – they are at best bickering, at worst at each other’s throats. Their initial response to Man is not a good one.

And the strength of this book is that it doesn’t shy away from that. There’s no Disney sugar coating here, no painting a picture of kind, generous gods as you see in so many reinterpretations. These are the gods in all their gory glory, tricking each other, plotting revenge for perceived wrongs, generally being petty and pathetic, not godly.

I was a little disappointed that it ended before the heroes that so many people know and love. I really wanted volume two, but with forty years between initial publication and this current edition, I don’t think that’s likely.

Along with the stories, there are some beautiful illustrations by Charles Keeping. Given the book is ostensibly for children, they are incredibly creepy – with a baby’s head being birthed through a mouth, Prometheus’ clearly naked form being attacked by a vulture, a baby being held in a fire among others. They perfectly capture the tone and content of the myths, and the lively line art style makes the pictures really jump from the page.

Overall, a good book for the Greek Mythology fan, with energetic retelling and illustration.

Rating: 4/5

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