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Remember the weird kid in grade school with a mouthful of paste and britches full of waste? You know, the one that still had an imaginary friend in junior high? That creepy oddball with the belly that made it impossible for him to run a mile in under thirty minutes? The one you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt would one day get caught with a severed head in his freezer?

Well, that kid grew up.

He grew up, he convinced someone to marry him, he bought a house in the suburbs, he wrote a book, and he even stopped eating paste

Goats Eat Cans is his story.

In Volume 2, Steven Novak continues to recount the mostly woeful tales of his life in the peculiar way only he can. There are more inappropriate bodily functions, more awkward social mishaps, and a heck of a lot more obscure pop culture references that only the nerdiest of the nerds will recognize.

Goats Eat Cans features 56 stories, 56 illustrations, and a carton rendering of his buttocks in a thong. If that's not worth the price of admission, nothing is.

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PublisherQuiet Corner Press
Release date 04.07.2012
Pages count344
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