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In 2137, the world's governments are determined to kill Roxx and her 2 daughters. Not if she kills them first.

In a world that is a distorted hybrid of rigid control and absolute lawlessness, Roxanne Grail broke a cardinal rule: she got pregnant, for the second time. Now, she and her two daughters need to make it across the Sahara to the frozen European north, and freedom. There are just two problems: one, she doesn't have a way to get there, and two, the One Child Law doesn't have a statute of limitations. The penalty for a second birth is death - to the mother and to the child. Meet Roxx, a 6'3" martial arts instructor with a penchant for
twentieth-century tech, including her 1940 Indian motorcycle. The Law
says she must surrender her child, or die.

Roxx never studied law.

Follow Roxx and her two daughters, along with Roxx's wannabe lover, Trint, as they attempt to flee her youngest daughter's rapist father, who just happens to lead one of the most powerful armies in the world. It is an exciting battle for survival, which features robot armies, a believable dystopian society, advanced technology, a rebel insurgency, as well as Roxx, who is determined to kill anyone who threatens her daughters.

So, it is Roxx, her two daughters, and Trint, against the world. Those odds suit Roxx just fine.

Warning: This book is rated "R" for strong language, violence, robot wars, dozens of dead villains, an exciting chase through the Sahara, a lesbian who is smitten with Roxx,bar fights, and more twists and turns than you can keep track of. If you are offended by non-graphic romance between women (à la The Gaea Trilogy by John Varley) do not buy the book.

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PublisherPanthera Press
Release date 01.08.2013
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