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This is slightly better than Imagined Communities, but still really problematic and full of historical errors. The author's main thesis is that there are two types of nationalism, a Western somehow more 'evolved' one that he calls 'civic-territorial' (led by the upper class / aristocratic elites, is successful due mostly to bureaucracy, tries to create a common political community) and a more 'barbaric' one which he calls ethnic-genealogical (which is started from smaller, demotic communities whose ethno-religious self-conceptions had to be exchanged for more activist, political ones. The key to this transformation was the process of vernacular mobilization. Small circles of educator-intellectuals, despite their differential responses to westernization and modernity, were intent on purifying and mobilizing 'the people' through an appeal to the community's alleged ethnic past. p69). Throughout the book the role racism / xenophobia play in creating political / ethnic communities is not discussed and very often the existence of racism / xenophobia itself is denied. Otherwise, it's full of confusing anecdotes and not that much reliable / verifiable data.

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