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An enjoyable, humorous and very cozy mystery.The first half of the book got off a bit slow for me—we didn't seem to be making any progress, or finding many clues, to the "mystery."However, I enjoyed the cozy and easygoing writing style, all the details and little character traits (especially of Ellie).I found the second half much more exciting as we finally got a mystery to start working out—I admit that a few of the clues were too obvious, and though I had worked out most of the "whodunit" essentials, I still received a few good surprises when all was revealed.On the downside, I did not find our romantic leading man all that romantic or appealling, and Ellie seemed a bit too old (especially in the beginning); she was supposed to be 27
t seemed at least mid-thirties in mindset.However, the romance was only a sidebar to the overall story, anyway, and the story had a minimum of violence while still being suspenseful so three cheers for that!
I decided to stay with the British estate mystery theme, though this protagonist is considerably different than Lord Peter, being a twenty-seven year old "plus size" woman living in the early 1980s...So far, it's very amusing and delightfully written.I'm hoping for a fun, cozy and suspenseful read.

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Release date 01.05.1992
Pages count288
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