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A few words of explanation are needed by way of preface to this little book. More than twenty years ago, being often appealed to by friends for my judgment on Anglo-Israelism, or to answer questions which were addressed to me on this subject, I finally, after making myself acquainted with the positions and arguments by which the theory is supported, drew up a statement in the form of A Letter to an Inquirer. This Letter, somewhat amplified, was printed in the form of an appendix in my book, The Ancient Scriptures and the Modern Jew, whence by special request it was subsequently reprinted in pamphlet form under the title, Anglo-Israelism, and the True History of the Ten Lost Tribes-a separate edition of it having also been published in America. This pamphlet is now out of print, and, being appealed to by prominent Christian friends to bring out a new edition, I felt constrained before doing so to re-examine the whole question anew, and more thoroughly than before. To this end I have read through, with much inward pain I must confess, a number of the more recent Anglo-(or British)-Israel publications, which for the most part are mere repetitions of one another. The result is the treatise now in the reader's hands, which will be found to consist of three Parts.

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