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Which meeting scene is most familiar to you? Do you approach a corporate meeting expecting just another annoying waste of time? Do you walk away from it wondering why you wasted your time? If so, you know first hand how frustrating inefficient meetings are. Most managers spend 25-30% of their time in meetings and studies show that the average cost of a meeting runs over $1,000. Since it's rare to have a meeting-free day, for most organizations, the total cost of meetings quickly adds up to a major expense.

Meetings are currently the most expensive communication activity in the corporate world — more costly than word processing, computers, paperwork, or multitudes of phone calls. Consider the salaries of those in attendance, preparation costs, travel expenses, and the price of materials, facilities and equipment used during the meeting. Even if an organization conducted only two meetings a week, the total annual cost for those gatherings would run well over $104,000.

Dive inside to find out all the secrets behind conducting powerful and memorable meetings.

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