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First there was the blender, then there was the juicer and now we have the NutriBullet Extractor. The NutriBullet is a high powered multi bladed Juicer and Blender and Miller and Extractor. It can mill nuts and seeds into flour. It can break down the cell walls of veggies to extract all of their phytochemicals, flavenoids, polyphenols and essential oils. If your family had had one of these when you were growing up then your mother would never have had to have said: Eat your greens. The NutriBullet makes lowly salad greens and earthy vegetables taste just as enticing and envigorating and a rib eye steak or a chocolate fudge gateau.

This is great news, because eating lots of vegetables has been shown in many clinical studies to protect us from cancer and heart disease, to boost the immune system in general and to essentially give a longer and a better quality of life. But varying the types and the colors of vegetables that we eat is just as important as eating more of them (and a bit less meat). So the more NutriBullet recipes we have the better.

Each of these 200 NutriBullet Blasts and Smoothies can be produced in seconds with no cooking - and the taste is exquisite. Fast food and healthy food used to be mutually exclusive - not any more.

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