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Imagine you could uncover exactly what lurks within your DNA, revealing the code that shapes your mind and body and using that knowledge to change yourself. Now imagine someone else making those changes instead. In Human Source Code, the hypothetical becomes reality when one organization attempts to manipulate the human code for its own terrifying purposes. Detective Klapman's attention is brought to a series of seemingly unrelated and accidental deaths after they continually turn up with a single therapist in common. Klapman's journey eventually reveals the existence of a secret international organization that is intent on manipulating the very nature of what makes us human. Can our minds truly be controlled from the inside out? Will Klapman bring this organization to light in time to save the others? Or will the organization's manipulation of human genes create the ultimate weapon? Find out in Human Source Code, the adrenaline-fueled thriller that probes readers' ideas about the power of nature versus nurture as well as the sometimes shaky ability of humans to hold their darkest desires at bay.

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Release date 01.12.2013
Pages count332
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