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Takeaway points:
1. "Whether you’re watching a film for diversion or for deeper
understanding, as part of an evening’s entertainment or as a class
assignment, you’ll appreciate the film most fully if you have an overall
sense of how it’s put together. This means developing the habit of thinking
of any part, no matter how small, in relation to the rest of the film."
2. "Some people are naturally endowed with an ability to recall lines of dialogue,
but anyone can increase what she or he retains from experiencing a
movie. You can decide to notice certain aspects of film technique."
3. "Some people say that watching for technique distracts them from the
story, and it is true that many movies try not to call attention to their
style. But you can learn to watch for both technique and story. It’s
multitasking, like driving a car while carrying on a conversation. It just takes practice."
4. "The best reviews aren’t simply thumbs-up-thumbs-down opinions. Most good films aren’t perfect, and many weak films have some good points. The sensitive critic tries to take both pluses and minuses into account."
5. "Moreover, most critics recognize that not all readers have the same
tastes. So the review might offer something like this: “If
you like shameless wallowing in old-fashioned rich-girl-poor-boy
romance, you’ll love Titanic. For me, a little schmaltz goes a long way.”"
6. "Reviewers are also expected to mention striking aspects of the film:
impressive sets or costumes, notable visual qualities such as color design
or editing or music, and, above all, acting."
7. "Reviewers also compare the film at hand with other films that belong to
the same genre, which are made by the same filmmaker, or which raise
similar thematic issues. This convention demands that the critic be
familiar with a wide range of films and some film history."

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