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When hired killers gunned down Tom Carter in his own front yard and burned his home, everyone in Cedar Valley expected his widow and son to pack up and move back to Texas.But Meg CArter and her seventeen-year-old son, Joe had different plans.
With help from their neighbors, the two of them managed to rebuild their cabin.Joe hired a bunch of teenaged boys from within Cedar Valley to help him continue to hold their ranch.These youngsters ranged in age from fourteen to nineteen.They figured if Joe was going to pay them a man's wages, they were capable of doing a man's work.
Meg mailed a letter to Tom's kinfolks down in Texas that set in motion a series of events that neither the gunslicks nor the man that hired them could have possibly foreseen.That short note brought Meg's brother-in-law and two of her brothers riding headlong into the fray.Tobe Carter, Jacob and Wesley Lee figured they were more than capable of handling crooked lawmen, greedy storekeepers and land hungry bankers to avenge the death of Tom Carter.

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