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Here is another book that I don't understand.It begins by giving some history on what brought about the rise of the Global Jihad movement.This book talks about how the Jihadists really got established as a result of American funding as America used them, somewhat as pawns, tie up Russia in their own version of Vietnam in Afghanistan.It also talks about how we totally piss off Middle Easterners by acting heavy-handedly in the Middle East in an effort to secure and protect oil for the US.Now, I'm not in one to say that let's not act in a certain way because other people may not like it, but if we act in a way that isn't fair or right, then I think that we need to modify our policy.After setting up this background, the conclusion of the book is that we need to be more committed to the "War on Terror".I don't understand.It seems like the presented information in the book would have led to a conclusion that we needed to find some way to have more peace, rather than a conclusion that we need to continue the status quo on our side, which will certainly lead to continuation of the status quo on the other (i.e. more terrorism for all).

Another reason I don't agree with the point of view that we need to keep up the "War on Terror" is that we are barely involved in any kind of war on terror.What we are doing in Iraq has nothing to do with Terror.What we are doing in Afganistan, as a part of an international group led by the UN, is part of the war on terror.Mostly the "War on Terror" stance is a smokescreen to get a free pass to act as our current administration wants, and a reason to justify the need for secrecy to avoid oversight by congress. The book America's Secret War: Inside the Hidden Worldwide Struggle Between the United States and Its Enemies drew the same conclusions as this book, but at least I could respect that book since it was honest about why we went to war with Iraq.

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