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An encounter with Jonathan Penton’s new double chap book, Blood and Salsa and Painting Rust, powerfully challenges the illusions of genre, reality, eroticism and the boundaries of human experience. These books don’t merely invite engagement with his poetry or suggest activism: they demand both. This poetry crosses borders, and you will consciously decide where you choose to be. Blood and Salsa and Painting Rust are an entanglement with Penton's passion, pure and direct, but never simple. He offers no justification or apology and requests no absolution.

Poetry reviewers attempt to place poetry within a particular genre, school or style. Jonathan Penton intentionally defies formula and rebelliously crosses the lines drawn by pedants. He deftly expands the confines of and mocks assumptions about Realism, Romanticism, and Confessional poetry, approximations of his unique blend. You’ll wonder whether a particular poem is a likely or unlikely story, and perhaps such distinctions bleed into one another. He seems mischievous and teasing, yet painfully earnest. Penton adds a unique dimension to Confessional poetry, a subtle proposition which questions just exactly who is initiating which reality. His own take on it is more universal than solipsistic. He isn't concerned with the relativity of realities but rather their source and flow. Confession implies connection, and there is no empathy without it...

Blood and Salsa and Painting Rust abound with apostrophes and ars poetica that aptly demonstrate the difficulty for artists in separating their work from their life. But why should they? His allusions are generally very contemporary, and this also encourages immediacy and engagement. In some instances Penton reaches back beyond his own generation, but all his references reinforce his method of questioning human motive...

These poems are bold expressions of passion. They’re devoid of abstraction, deeply psychological, and not easily dismissed. You’re bound to react to Penton’s poetry, but eventually you will thoughtfully respond. He relentlessly returns to an emotion with fresh vigor. Penton's blunt portrayals may shock you, but this forces you to examine your own, similar experiences. His poetry doesn’t allow you to flee the scene unscathed: you either enter it and suffer or let your disbelief destroy the possibility for empathy. He photographically describes universal experience, snapshot by snapshot, pointing the camera in both directions. His poems reflect like unavoidable mirrors and demand that we gaze into them. This poetry disturbs me and causes me to suspect that how I perceive myself is a choice. If, as Andrei Tarkovsky believes, “The aim of the poet is to awaken emotions in the soul, not to gather admirers,” Jonathan Penton greatly succeeds.

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