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Round Which Way

Busted and Disgusted Angel Hunter
Cream White, dealt an hell of a hand young played her stacked deck to the best of her given ability as she did what a girl has to do! Playing herself as a Mistress to get that cash, stripping to pay those bills she falls for a 5% Brother who hustles that she believes will be her King, and complete her dream. As Cream White (whose name ironically is synonymous to her lifestyle) realizes she's trapped in a nightmare she finally wakes up only to discover Kansas is in the opposite direction, friends really do share everything, and her Prince Charming is still a FROG! Cream's DIVA senses seem to keep alerting her to the awaiting danger she appears to be moving forcefully ahead will our Ghetto Diva realize that it's time to move on?

The potential is here for a much better story, the author leaves you assuming that our Around the way girl pumps the brakes, dries her tears, and moves on living happily ever after with Runner up #1 in Jersey....

F.Y.I...I wish I would find a Bro in the hood name Grape!

Southern Comfort La Jill Hunt
Syndi Johnson, the hardworking, shy, middle child moved from nice friendly Atlanta to busy rude NEW YORK! Against her will of course!

"I just want to go home!"

Syndi complained daily to any and everyone that would listen. As Syndi deals with the loss of her older brother Aaron, she tries to keep her heart in check for the person she blames while her best friend wishes that she would see him for more than a sounding board as he listens to her complain about living in New York, her younger sister promiscuity, and her soon to be step-father. With the weight of the world on her shoulders Syndi finds love in the one place she hadn't wanted to look. It only took 6 years of frontin'! Mr. Nice Guy has sat on the sideline loving, longing and listening in an attempt to win her heart he gives Syndi what she needs to get her back to the life she's missed so much of. Is this more than she's bargained for? Can our Mean Heroine make it back home?

Here the author tells us how things are resolved for our Around the way girl, but as for the climax while it's obvious I think key points were left to the imagination instead of being displayed.

Played Dwayne S. Joseph
Angel Santiago, whose young, and fine, parties all the time loves to be up in any club, scheming and dreaming with her crew as they enjoy life to the fullest. Angel a devil in disguise got off knowing that she had complete control over things in her life. As this Chica becomes mesmerized by an infamous Drug Dealer she unintentionally starts ignoring herself not realizing that this game she think she's controlling has a new name.

"Chica estas loco!"

As Angel's common sense seems to consistently escape her, you watch as she allows herself to fall hard...ménage a trios, lesbian affairs, videotaping, lying, and forgetting about her friends. WARNINGS are coming from every direction in every voice. Can our Fly Chica regain control over herself before she gets in too deep? Will she loose her friends in the process?

Our author here uses a female protagonist that's so narcissistic that she doesn't realize she never had control of the situation. Detailing how foolish Angel was allowed us to see as Sleeping Fool wakes up and grows up.

CREAM~SYNDI~ANGEL...as an result of the lives that they've lived seem to realize what life truly is about.

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