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PREFACE TO THE SECOND EDITION. SINCE the publication of the first edition of this work in the autumn of 1884, much has been done towards perfecting the dynamo, both in practice and in theory. Additional matter has accordingly been added, involving an increase of one hundred and ten in the number of pages and of ninety-four in the number of cuts. The new matter is partly embodied in the text and is partly added in the form ofAppendices. The latter half of Chapter V. on the Reactions between the Armature and the Field Magnets has been re-written, introducing a section on the heating of pole-pieces. The dynamos of Class I. are now divided into two sub-classes, those in which the windings are united into a closed coil, and those in which an open-coil arrangement is adopted. Many additional forms of dynamo, including the latest designs of Gramme and of Siemens, have been added and the reader will not fail, on comparing the latest Gramme Fig. 92 with the latest Siemens Fig. 129 to perceive a curious assimilation of type. Chapter XI. on Machines for Electroplating and Metallurgy is entirely new. Chapter XIX. on Coupling two or more Dynamos in one Circuit is also new the author is indebted to Mr. W. M. Mordey for the section upon the coupling of compound dynamos, and to Mr. R. M. Walmsley, B.Sc., for the summary of Hopktnsons researches upon the coupling of and for the geometrical illustra- alternate - current dynamos . tions which accompany it. Some additional information is given respecting electric motors and much of the various sections which relate to the methods of making dynamos self- vi Preface to the Second Edition. regulating has been re-written. In the Appendices a considerableaddition has been made to the summary of formulae relating to electromagnets, notably the formula of Lamont. The note on Jouberts equations which formerly occupied Appendix IV. hasbeen omitted, and is replacedby asummary of the recent researches of Frolich and of Riicker on the mathematical theory of the dynamo. The Appendices on the forms of field magnets, on the influence of pole-pieces, and on electric governors are entirely new. During the fourteen months which have elapsed since the publication of the former edition a translation of thework into French has appeared. The author is indebted to the able pen of Monsieur E. Boistel for the skill and fidelity with which he has discharged his functions as a translator and in the preparation of the present revised edition he has not failed to avail himself freely of numerous suggestions and additions derived from M. Boistels labours. He has further to thank M. Baudry, the publisher of M. Boistels translation, for permission to reproduce a considerable number of cuts relating chiefly to the newer types of the machines ofSiemens and of Gramme. The author is indebted to the publishers of Fontaines Electrolysis for most of the cuts in Chapter XL, and to the publishers of Engineering, the Electrician, and the Electrical Review, for sundry additional cuts, as also to several of the firms mentioned in the preface to the former edition. The thanks of the author are also due to many friends and correspondents who have kindly furnished him with suggestions and information...

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