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To become an effective Customer Centered Company, everyone in your extended organization must work together in the interests of the customer.

They can only do this effectively if they are working off a common set of data and information, and are communicating and collaborating through a common medium.

They must ensure that the entire organization and its partners can be effectively harnessed in unison to ensure the customer is provided with a smooth, customized and efficient experience. This requires an element of structure and control to ensure everyone knows what they need to do and when they need to do it, and to be able to efficiently respond when things go off track.

This book describes the challenges confronting organizations on the road to becoming a Customer Centered Company, and how they can be met by building smart process applications on top of the Force.com platform.

Smart process applications (SPA) are a new category of software that address people-intensive, highly variable, loosely structured business activities by leveraging the new technology provided by social, mobile and cloud. SPA brings order, tracking and management to unstructured, interdependent and extended processes that are currently executed primarily via email, spreadsheets and meetings.

The book also describes the role of IT in implementing and supporting SPA, and how SPA accelerates the implementation of Force.com across the enitire extended enterprise, resulting in enormous gains in productiivity, effectiveness and cost reduction.

For ongoing updates, go to http: //force101.info.

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