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As a child, Grant Schnarr was haunted (as many children are) by a fear of the dark, a fear of the unknown, of monsters in his closet. But more than that, he was haunted by a real ghost—a dark presence that lingered in his family’s house, occasionally moving objects, making noises, or even appearing to unsuspecting family members and guests.

As an adult, Grant had almost forgotten about the ghost until a series of brushes with death began to awaken old memories. Over the course of several months, a series of “coincidences” led him to dig deeper and deeper into a long-buried family tragedy. Forced to confront his deepest fears, armed with the lessons he learned from the spiritual warriors in his life, he finally learns the truth on a dark night in the woods of Wisconsin.

Anyone who has suffered a loss or struggled with fears will relate to this real-life tale of facing your inner—and outer—demons, told from Grant’s uniquely Swedenborgian perspective.

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PublisherSwedenborg Foundation Publishers
Release date 01.10.2012
Pages count256
File size4.4 Mb
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