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The magic and power of light, bright, shimmering, sparkling in a world filled with war, deceit, uncertainty and love.Perhaps it was the brightness of love that brought Lucy into the land of fairies, into a realm she has dreamed about and never understood.Is it possible she is not human? Could she be the reason fairies are dying?Light by Karla Corona is more than one more fantasy tale for young teens on up, I was completely impressed with the directions this new author has taken her readers on.

Lucy, her fairy name being Alyna, is brought into the fairy realm to meet the mother she never knew existed and to learn of the great sacrifices her Fairy father made in order to have her.But why did she grow up in the human world?Why must she come to the fairy realm now?Who can she trust?
Ray is assigned to be her personal guard, his duty is to protect her no matter what and for the most part, his does his job well, almost mechanically, but there is something about him that sparks something in Alyna.Alyna is royalty and the classes do not mix, ever and she is being forced to marry another for political reasons.Let’s just say she is NOT going down without a fight!This smart and down to earth girl turns her back on as many traditions as possible, much to the delight of some and the dismay of others. Will Alyna be the fairy to save her realm from evil forces? Who will stand with her when the time comes? What of her heart? Overwhelmed, lost, but determined, she is a force to be reckoned with as good vs evil meets head on.

Karla Corona’s writing is magical, like the fairytales of my youth, complete with elements of awe, including magical flowers that mimic cellphones and much more!A delightfully imaginative style and ability to weave great detail into scene in her world seems to be a strong point for Ms. Corona!With strong characters, a sense of intrigue and several new twists popping up throughout, I think Ms. Corona is on her way to being a wonderful addition to teen/YA reading!Looking for a magical tale that will keep even the most reluctant young reader enthralled?You can’t beat a fairytale and Light is an excellent contemporary twist on the genre that is both well written and well-paced!

I received this copy from Karla Corona in exchange for my honest review.

Publication Date: January 13, 2014
Publisher: lulu.com
ISBN-10: 1304173313
ISBN-13: 978-1304173317
Genre: Teen/YA Fantasy
Paperback: 362 pages
Available from:Amazon | Barnes & Noble


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PublisherLulu Publishing
Release date 01.07.2013
Pages count361
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Book rating4.51 (45 votes)
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