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“Bitch ass niggasssss.” Monroe said as she hopped out her car ready for a round up. She arrived at his moms house amped to the 13th degree. Whatever was going to go down and where he had been she would find out soon enough.
Where you at? her iPhone buzzed. She looked down at it as her heart beat hard in her chest when she looked up at the 2013 forest green Altima parked in front of the house. The tears that screamed to come out wouldn’t because she refused to look stupid.
At this nigga mama house, she replied back to her cousin. Her phone buzzed and she pressed ignore as she walked up to the door. She knew that her cousin would talk her out of it. She knocked on the door and waited. As she waited she tapped her foot on the concrete ground under her. If anyone felt her pain the pavement did. She heard the door open and she saw the face that she loved past death.
“Hey?!” he answered with a smile and then it faded. She raised her eyebrow as he looked shocked. She leaned back on her left foot and by instinct balled her fist up, she was in no way dumb. She knew when a person was caught she had been in enough toxic relationships to know that she was getting played.
“Hey forreal Montey? A fucking hey?” He tried to close the door but it was jerked open and she saw her. She knew it was her, the “bitch” as he called her, the one he lied about, the one he that was nothing to him and he didn’t want her, the one that she called off of work for when he was scared that her “ratchett ass” was pregnant with his seed, the one that kicked him out and left his broke, tired ass with nothing. Her heart dropped to her stomach, this couldn’t be happening. She waited for this moment of truth and there it was staring her in the face.
“Who is this babe?”
“Who am I babe? Monroe laughed while looking down and shaking her head.
“Bitch you saw me on his Insta and on his Facebook you know who the fuck I am.” Monroe stated in a matter of fact tone. The girl looked her over and stepped up in her face.
“Bitch lo—” she couldn’t finish because by now she was piecing her in the face with solid jabs to the jaw. Montey didn’t know what to do, in a way he knew she was in the wrong and he knew he was too and in a way he knew he needed to stop it but he couldn’t just yet. Monroe was giving it to her good, she felt every emotion that she was feeling about her for the past couple of months through her fist as they delivered into her body. The two ladies were now on the Altima, Monroe wouldn’t allow her to get a pinch in. She was filled with rage, love, heartache and betrayal and everyone knew that when you’re a woman and you’re filled with these emotions it’s hard to stop. His mom walked out the house and by now Monroe was dragging her while she hammered into her. Neighbors were peeking out of their doors now.
“Help me Montey.” The helpless girl screamed.
“Bitch don’t ask for help now,” Monroe spoke while hitting her again and again as he came over and picked Monroe up and she swung on him, he moved out of her reach.
“YOU BITCH ASS NIGGA,” she tried slapping him but his 6 foot 5 height wouldn’t allow it to happen.
“Stop man,” he shielded his self unallowed to look her in the face.
“I CANT FUCKING BELIEVE YOU.” She swung on him but this time she got him in the face and his lip busted on impact. He pushed her back and she ran back up on him. His mom tried to move forward and get in between the two.
“Look Monroe, cut the shit from in front of my house.”
“Bitch and fuck you too. Yall some counterfeit, opportunist ass bitches over here.” Monroe was by no means disrespectful but there was no way she was going to get played. She wasn’t stupid all the talks and all the late night excuses she was pissed off because everything was adding up to her now. Montey was shocked that she spoke to his mom in that manner.... #rebelliousreign

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