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It has been a time for rebuilding in Geyser, but rumors of a coming attack from the Odium band of cutthroat pirates are looming. Clyde, Nevele, Flam, and Rohm must strike out separately to find a way to stop them before it’s too late.

Nevele scours the dark alleys of Adeshka’s neon-lit streets, paying for information from Odium defectors, and what she learns from one is terrifying—the gang has three days before the Odium attack Geyser. Their goal: to get at the deposit of wendal stone under the city and use it to create an army of fabrick weavers, which would make the Odium the biggest threat the planet Gleese has ever seen.

What makes the threat so frightening isn’t just an attack from the Odium—it’s why.

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PublisherMedallion Press
Release date 01.03.2015
Pages count452
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