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"Flight of the Falcon" is Victor Milán's first entry into the Dark Age storyline and it hit me straight in the gut. As the factional infighting within the Republic of the Sphere is spreading like wildfire, a new threat appears on the horizon. A force of Clan Jade Falcon warriors has returned to the Inner Sphere and are cutting a path through the Lyran Alliance, havoc and destruction following in their wake.

Hell-bent on tearing down the Republic of the Sphere and thereby rescuing the corrupt humanity from itself, two prodigal Jade Falcon commanders struggle over the principles of war, one seeking a compassionate takeover, the other calling for the total destruction of everything defiled. In their path stands the planet of Skye, where a fragile peace exists between the different factions located there. It is now up to these defenders to try to put an end to the Falcon onslaught.

This book had me in a steady grip from start to finish. The intensity of the Falcon crusade is told in a brilliant and haunting fashion, as the madness of war spreads like a cancer through the hapless worlds standing in their path. The inner struggle within the Falcon force is also depicted well, as they grow more zealous with each battle won. Although there are a couple of less impressive subplots the tension in the main narrative is never letting go, and this book comes highly recommended for any Mechwarrior fan.

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GanreScience Fiction
Release date 01.06.2004
Pages count304
File size3.6 Mb
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Book rating3.8 (70 votes)
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