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Ty Beanies Tracker Guide includes a year -by -year account starting with the 1993 introduction, tips and insight for maximum visibility and enjoyment of your collection, great websites for collectors, information and pictures of current releases, and secondary market prices for Beanie Babies. Ty Beanies Tracker Guides are also packed with thousands of fabulous 4-color photographs, up-to-date secondary market prices, and important news and information. Ty Beanie Tracker Guide 2nd Edition includes: ? Beanie Babies, Beanie Buddies, Beanie Kids ? Beanie Boppers and Teenie Beanies ? Current Secondary Market Prices ? New Improved Full-Color Pictures ? Early items & Variations ? Special Checklists and Indexes ? The best TY websites on the Internet Ty Beanies Tracker Software is an inventory and pricing tool deigned just for you, the Ty Beanies collector. It is a perfect companion to the Ty Beanies Tracker Guide. Select from over 1,500 items with full color images. System Requirements: Pentium Processor, Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP (Not Compatible with Mac Systems), 128 MB RAM (Recommended), 300 MB free hard drive space, 800 X 600 16 bit graphic driver (True Color Recommended), Mouse or other pointing device, CD-Rom Drive.

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