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I've said in many of my reviews of inspirational books that I'm disappointed with the state of Christian/inspirational fiction.I've found many Christian fiction books that have been poorly written, not engaging, lacking an actual Christian or inspirational message, or, on the other extreme, overly preach-y or too biased to one denomination's beliefs.Then I pick up a book by someone like Dee Henderson, Nicole Baart, or Susan May Warren and I am comforted by the fact that there IS worthwhile Christian fiction out there.
Flee the Night is a solidly written Christian fiction book.I have a few gripes about the book, but overall, I was very pleased with it.One of the things I didn't care for in this book was the constant rehashing of Lacey and Micah's love/hate/trust/distrust of one another.I understand that was the whole premise of the book, but after awhile I grew tired of reading about their doubts regarding each other's trustworthiness and faithfulness.I was also confounded by Lacey's willingness to turn the Ex-6 program over to the "bad guys."Granted, I am not a mother, so I can't say that my loyalty to country wouldn't be in jeopardy if my child's life was on the line, but I'd like to think that I would keep in mind all of the potential devastation that could be caused by turning something of such importance over to the dark side.I also wondered if Lacey was such a math and computer brain, and since she wrote the Ex-6 programming herself, why she couldn't come up with a better decoy copy to give to the bad guys?
Some things I really enjoyed about this book were the religious discussions the characters had.It's clear that Susan May Warren knows how to argue for faith and she makes her case clearly and eloquently.I appreciate how she introduces discussions on faith without being over the top with proselytizing.
I'm looking forward to reading the other two books in this series.So far, I prefer Ms. Warren's "Mission Russia" books, but I'll see what the other two "Team Hope" books have in store.

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Release date 01.03.2005
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