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"Chris Howard's The Wine of Ravens is heroic fantasy in the same vein as Robert E. Howard's Gaelic swordsman, Cormac Mac Art, except with a little less swordplay and more eschatological research...and with summonable ravens."

If you can see into the future, gods will take notice of you. Aldred’s brother is killed unjustly and Aldred is forbidden to bury or honor him. He defies the decree, and makes a pact with strangers, an old man who won’t show his face and a giant who requires a final battle before he lights the pyre for Aldred’s brother. Aldred returns to face his doom and discovers that an agreement he has made in life pursues him after death.

The Wine of Ravens is a set of six heroic fantasy stories that cover a good part of the life of Aldred the Saxon, from his first meeting with old One-eye (Diminisher of Peace), his journey across Europe, tangling with the unjust, with various forms of death, to the near East exploring belief among the ruins of the once great Roman city of Caesarea Maritima (The Breaker of Gods), and then back north to his homeland and across the channel to Britain.

Shelve with Heroic Fantasy:
- Ravens as portents and people
- Traveling through late Roman Europe
- Early Medicine
- Wodan, Odin, One-eye
- Opportunistic demons

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