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DH is Out today, but then he was never In. A Puritan
who preached hedonism - found within his imagination -
he's a tantilizing enigma. He delves into issues that
others avoid like domination-submission, erotica-homoerotica,
the repressed nature of men-women. "Since both sexes have
been equally educated out of their animal nature," avers
Diana Trilling, "neither sex is spared his anger."

His stories explore the aches and pains of the heart,
and other organs. Set amid the raw beauty of the American
southwest, "The Princess," eg, is about the plucking of
"a dignified scentless flower," pushing 40, who insists
that a studly guide in New Mexico take her on a pack trip
high into the mountains. Hours from civilization, she ponders:
"Quoi faire? What was she to do? She seemed faced with absolute Nothingness." It quickly becomes Somethingness.

DH suckles Blavatsky, strokes Jung, nuzzles Nietzsche. And
there's always the sun, "a great heart whose tremors run
through our smallest veins."

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