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3.75 stars. Enjoyable western HR with suspense and violence, smexy times, and heartwarming scenes with children. Themes of redemption, transformation, acceptance, and family love. The synopsis here at GoodReads is misleading.

The setting is about 1885, moving from St Louis and Memphisto Kincaid, Texas via riverboat and private Pullman train car. The POV is 3rd person, shifting from hero to heroine.

If you like romances with children you might enjoy this one. Three homeless street children play major secondary roles: Cindy is about 5, Luke about 7, and Joe about 10. Then there are more children at the Kincaid Ranchin Texas, but they play minor roles.Clemmons penned heartwarming scenes involving the orphans, especially Joe, who is mute because of abuse, and Cindy, sick with pneumonia.

The hero is Nate Barton / Bartholomew. Golden eyes like a wolf, hungry to regain his rightful inheritance, tired of being left out in the cold, he starts off as a bitter con man and gambler.However, love reveals his truer self — love for Sarah and the distrusting children who adore him.In the end, Sarah realizes he's just a "sheep in wolf's clothing" — not a wolf at the door.(Sometimes, Nate's characterization didn't quite ring true.)

Fun secondary characters. In addition to the children, I liked Nate's brother Moze, and old Fiona (but she says "dearie" ad nauseum) and Grandpa and Storm. Drake and Pearl from book 1 got several scenes, too.(I do not plan to read book one, since reviews state it has many typos. This book has only one typo.)

Quibbles: Some scenes are rather a stretch —improbable or unlikely. How much blood can we lose and still keep going? And would the pimping pedophile really go to those lengths? Also, the characterization of Nate (the hero) blurs in and out of focus, as he shifted from sullen and bitter to protective and bighearted.Plus, I doubt Belle would tell anyone, especially Sarah, about the details of a certain intimate experience in her past. Enough to simply admit the basics.

Writing quality (sentence structure, vividness, and dialogue) is decent, but just average. Only one typo.

Contents: About three explicit sex scenes, minimal swearing or profanity, some violence.

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