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This book desperately needs an editor.

This is a novel set in the time of Gilgamesh. The protagonist is a scribe. And yet, the book is littered with elementary grammatical and syntactical errors. The errors aren't fatal to the interesting core story, but their sheer number conspired to keep throwing me out of the narrative. It is especially grating when it's a book about a scribe, and that is why I dinged it 2 stars - if a competent editor went over this book and corrected the bizarre errors, it'd be worth 3.5 to 4 stars.

This is just proof that spellcheck will only tell you if the word is correctly spelled. It won't tell you that it is the wrong word. Having errors involving its/it's, their/there, and most egregiously bizarre instead of bazaar is unacceptable in a published book.

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