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Scottish Highland Romance series—Highland Sorcery: A New Dawn from award winning author Clover Autrey

“Be prepared to be completely swept away.” ParaNormalRomance Last sorcerer on earth, Alexander Limont has flung himself to the year 2083 where monsters have nearly killed out the entire human race. Using both magic and science, he has devised a way that will give the last stragglers of mankind the leverage they need to fight off the beasts and rebuild. However, he couldn’t have prepared himself to find his own heart beneath an ugly cap and the fragrance of cherries in the form of a slip of a lass who complicated his objective. Or that his greatest danger lurked near her, coiled to spring…and not only ruin mankind’s chance for survival, but take Alexander’s life as well. Excerpt: “I need to pat you down,” she said without a hint of embarrassment. “Don’t trust me?” He grinned, baiting her a bit. She didn’t rise to it. “Don’t know you.” Alexander spread his arms out wide, allowing her to move in close. She was quick and efficient, running her hands down his length and then back up and into his hair. He was about to make a quip, but…she smelled like cherries. He hadn’t seen a cherry or a cherry tree in years. How was that possible? He leaned into her. She jerked back, eyes flashing.

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PublisherRed Rover Books
Release date 08.02.2014
Pages count212
File size3 Mb
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Book rating4.25 (8 votes)
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