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I really appreciate that this book exists.It didn't until a decade or so ago.There were quite a few essays that spoke to me deeply: Audre Lorde's "Man Child" about raising a Black boy in a racist, sexist culture, Harriet Alpert's essay about adopting her son, Karen Tulchinsky's essay "Lesbian Fathers" about creating a new identity for herself, as a butch parent,Grace Woodacre's essay about raising a child in "a village" and how this mitigates the supposed ''lack" of male role models in her home, Merrill Mushroom's essay about raising three boys through adoption, and Laura Davis' essay about identifying more with straight fathers than her lesbian friends.

Most of the other articles were harder for me to relate to because the authors persistently talked about how having a son was foreign and scary for them because they had so few men in their lives, past or present.For me, as a bisexual woman who has also spent years working professionally with pre-adolescent boys, this was not my experience. I have loved men and been attracted to them, I actually understand boys and relate to them better than girls at times.I've also identified more with gay men then I have with lesbians.

But that doesn't mean the existence of this book doesn't make me very, very happy and that I won't be copying out excerpts of some of the essays I listed above.There's some good stuff in here.

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