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You know you fear them...

You know you love them...

Monster short stories.

Author Erik Williams assembles seven short horror stories, all featuring a monster in some form or another. Werewolves? Check. A thing living in the basement? Check. A woman who isn't quite the sexpot you think she is? Check. A monster under the bed? Check.

Some are funny. Some, uh, not so much. And yes a couple are a bit, well, not pretty.

"Closing Time" - Vic just wants to close up his bar for the night. Two strangers, though, want last call to go a little longer, even if it means someone is going to die as a result.

"Open House" - James is a writer in search of his dream home: a place in the country, isolated and peaceful. It's everything he's ever wanted and the price is right. The Realtor, however, hasn't been truthful with all the disclosures.

"Last Moon" - The world has ended and survivors scrounge for food. Ulfer is on the brink of starvation when he comes across a grieving widow. Together, they share a last meal and one last moon.

"Backyard Redux" - The hit realty show is filming at their latest disaster backyard. While the camera roles, they soon learn not all landscape designs go according to plan.

"A Stanger's Proposal" - Michael just wants to do his part to help out with the homeless problem. Too bad it's not all charity.

"First Session, Last Session" - Dr. Wells will soon learn what it is to be afraid of the dark.

"The Monster Whisperer" - Kaiser Naples has been helping people deal with monsters his entire career. But his latest case will bring him face-to-face with his own personal fear: a monster under the bed.

Praise for Erik Williams's horror novella BLOOD SPRING:

"If you liked DELIVERANCE, you will love BLOOD SPRING. The writing is crisp, the story compelling and just as terrifying as James Dickey's masterpiece." - Gene O'Neill, Author of Jade and Taste of Tenderloin

Early praise for Erik Williams's upcoming novel DEMON:

"DEMON -like a hellacious cross between 24, The Exorcist and a videogame. Fast-paced and wicked fun." -Jonathan Maberry, NY Times bestseller and multiple Bram Stoker Award-winning author of THE DRAGON FACTORY and ROT & RUIN

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