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This much I will say...Chafer, despite his flaws (ad there are "many"), clearly loved Jesus.And this is evident in what he writes and how he writes.He is humble and much of what he has to say has a doxological tone to it.And for that, Chafer's systematic is commendable over against others who may have better content, but for whom theology is "sport". That said, there are certain, noteworthy shortcomings in this set.Obviously, he was a product of his time...Chafer was a classical dispy, which has bigger implications that most give acknowledgment to (its not just about the Church and Israel or some version of premillennialism that includes a "secret" rapture).He held to a hybrid view of "free" grace.He was Ameraldian in his view of the atonement... and at parts, he "suffered" from a fundamentalist/prohibitionist hermeneutic...But still, for edification purpose alone (again not content), I would still rate this set higher than a Berkhof or Turretin.Maybe that is silly of me.But, despite his misguided theology, grace seems to me more prevalent (and genuinely real!) in his writings than it is found elsewhere in most protestant, English speaking systematicians.

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