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Greetings, my name is Shane Moore. You name it, I have done it. Everything from being a record holding triple A semi-pro football player to decorated medal winning police officer. I am most widely known as one of the writers and the creator of the Abyss Walker world. The Abyss Walker has branched out into novels from other renown writers, graphic novels, short stories, novellas, a cookbook, an Ipad tower defense game, and a music soundtrack by Ari Lehman. I’m not the type of person that seeks out rewards or honors. I’m about making kick ass stories for my friends and fans. I’ve been featured in dozens of large newspaper articles, magazines, radio, TV, morning shows, celebrity guest at over two hundred science fiction fantasy conventions, and a dozen or so blog talk shows.

About the Abyss Walker World
Go to www.AbyssWalker.com for details about the Abyss Walker world and my team-from writers to artists to actors. Some fans have complained that Abyss Walker books have become harder to find in stores. This has to do with changes within the publishing industry, the Borders and Barnes and Noble bankruptcies, and rise of digital publishing.Every bookstore across the US has the ability to order and stock any Abyss Walker book-regardless of the writer. If the store tells you they can’t, then tell them they are full of shit. Bookstores order their books from Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and Diamond distribution. All of these distributors have return policies (another reason these chains are failing). If they still refuse to accommodate you, fuck em. Instead, find another store (preferably an independent store) to give your business to, or just buy online. You can usually go there and get Abyss Walker books the cheapest anyway.

I have a facebook page and a facebook fan page. The fan page is not really used and under-developed. It will remain so until I reach five thousand fans on my regular page. (This will be sooner than most people think.) I will always respond to people on facebook. Now, bear in mind I get dozens, sometimes hundreds of facebook messages each day-so it may take me a while to reply. Be patient, please.
I have a YouTube channel. Not much on it other than goofy shit, like my son’s little league football hits and such, but I add some now and then.

I have a myspace, but it’s nothing more than a spam catcher. However, if you get bored, you can go back through the blog archives for some interesting reads from when I was a police officer. Some rants, so raves, and some generally funny shit.


White Wrath-Origins
White Wrath-The Lock of Requ 2012
White Wrath-Maelstrom Serpents 2013

Privateer-a Maiden Voyage-Roy C Booth 2012

The Wererat’s Tale-Discovery
The Wererat’sTale-Of Rat’s and Men 2012

The Abyss Walker series
The Plea of Apollisian
The Trial of Innocence
Death of Kings
Birth of a Nation
Return of the Father

Swords and Plowshears-Patrick Tomlison 2013

Other Abyss Walker works
Dwarven Cookbook 2012

Other works by Shane Moore
“I am Villain” I,hero magazine volume two.

"The Apocalypse of Enoch" New Babel Books. June 2012


There are no Abyss Walker films to date, but keep your fingers crossed. I have some mild interest and some good friends in the business. However, I was credited in the SciFi Noir; “Yesterday was a Lie.” It’s an interesting film, and if you’re bored one afternoon, I recommend you watch it.

If you want to buy a signed book, I do accept mail orders. Email me at s_moore_50@yahoo.com for details.
If you are interested in contracting me for an appearance, you should direct correspondence to my agent, Jerry Cates at fatefactorfiction@yahoo.com.

Praise for Moore:

"Shane Moore's remarkable 'Abyss Walker' novels have developed a devoted following, and for good reason.His immersive storytelling and unbridled creativity make for a winning

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