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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, shape-shifters, HEA]

Benjamin Byrd, a lycan falconer, lives on the outskirts of Arcadia. The wolf-shifters think he's a freak. They can't understand Ben's love for birds, especially when the pack is feuding with the kindred, vampires who can shift into hawks.

When vampire-hawk Talon Crowquill is shot down near Ben's home, he and Ben develop a mutual respect for each other, and Ben decides to help him escape. But Talon lost a lot of blood, and his wounds won't heal. Ben offers Talon his blood, but before the hawk can fly home, Ben is injured and Talon comes back to help him. Ben's injuries are mortal, and Talon turns him into a vampire to save his life. He leaves Ben in Arcadia and returns to the Colony. Both men become sick, and they grow weaker every day. They have no idea they've forged a connection that can never be broken and their only hope for survival is to become blood-mates.

Note: This book was previously published with another publisher and has been extensively revised and expanded.

word count: 34,514

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