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having finished the third Rabbit book I can tell you that john updike thinks a lot about blowjobs. a lot. and i don’t think it’s just that he’s a horny bastard obsessed with facefucking bookish young gals (which he is, of course) — it's also that the blowjob mirrors other currents in society. i remember when the first of our friends (i’m pretty sure it was paul passarelli) got a blowjob it was a big deal and quite some time until we’d all had the pleasure.and then, a few years later, talking with the kids in my younger sister’s grade, they were all doing it. and now? well, shit – when you have the president telling the country that a blowjob isn’t sex it gives every kid a free pass to open up and/or stick it in.(still, shit of a lot better than the president telling us that torture isn’t torture, eh?)

in the first Rabbit book (set in 1960), our guy goes nuts that his wife won’t do it – he wonders, actually, if she even knows what it is. and in one of the book’s set pieces, the hateful, self-loathing bastard has his mistress disrobe, get on her knees, receive his member and swallow. and he never talks to her again! in the second book (set in 1969), updike’s exploration of the changing face of race in america during the generational shift of the 60s is microcosmized (good word, eh?) as a speechless and frightened Rabbit watches his pale skinny strawberry-blonde 17 year old mistress suck off a dark-skinned militant black guy. and in the volume i just finished (set in 1979), Rabbit wonders time and again about how much great head his 22 year old son has gotta be getting.

was my generation the last to think of the blowjob as a big deal? and we do, don’t we? i mean, i honestly feel that it’s more intimate, in a way, than fucking. given the choice i’d rather my girlfriend bang some guy behind my back (make him wear a condom, honey) then suck him off. and if i was gay, i think i’d be pretty serious about what went into my mouth. and i think a lot about that actually, about what it’d be like to suck a dick. i can imagine it, but only somewhat — it definitely seems to be more than the sum of its parts. it’s difficult to imagine it physically, like, would it fill my mouth or kind of flail around in there? and how would it feel battering against the back of my throat? and it’s even more difficult to imagine the psychological experience, particularly if it wasn't someone i knew so well. i mean, i wonder how it’d feel if the dude started forcefully pushing my head down,or stuck a few fingers in my ass, or if he pulled out without warning and let go all over my face, etc…i could see digging the degradation of it all, but i could also see getting seriously fucking pissed. well, back to my point — are there really girls sucking off older guys at the mall for shoes or is this a mid-western rumor designed to scare the hell out of puritanical fucktards? were blowjobs a big deal 200 years ago? was sally hemmings slobbering all over jefferson’s cock? was abe lincoln getting head? kennedy definitely was, right? has the blowjob followed the progress of say, black people in america — that is, from slavery to civil rights to the presidency? (from no blowjobs to blowjobs for the slutty/adventurous to blowjobs for everyone!) or is it cyclical and perpetually going in and out of style?

well, as they say, you can’t unring a bell. i’ve gotta believe that though the pendulum may swing back a bit, cocksucking in america is no fad that’ll go the way of the pet rock or coonskin cap.the blowjob – as defined by bill clinton — is here to stay.

okay. now on to #4.

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