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"Western Civilisation needs a complete overhaul or it
will fall apart one day or another. It has realised
the most complete perversion of any rational order of
things. Reign of matter, of gold, of machine, of
number, it no longer possesses breath, or libetry, or
light. The West has lost the sense of command and
obedience. It has lost the sense of Action and of
Contemplation. It has lost the sense of hierarchy, of
spiritual power, of mangods (...)

Are liberation and renewal still possible in this
crepuscular world? Is Europe capable today of the
level of awareness necessary for such a task? Let us
not be mistaken: it is only after having understood
the magnitude of the task that we will be able to act.
The threatening reality of a destructive spiritual
process, whose roots originate almost in the ground of
prehistory, whose culmination phases coincide with
those which contemporary men exalt as their essential
civilisational values, and whose influences now
manifest themselves in all fields of thought and
action, must be acknowledged. This is not a matter of
compromises or adaptations. The power of a new Middle
Ages is needed - a revolt, interior aswel as exterior,
of a barbaric purity. Philosophy, "culture", everyday
politics: nothing of all this. It is not a matter of
turning on the other side of this bed of agony. It is
a matter of finally waking up, and getting up."

147 pages

Original Italian title: Imperialismo Pagano

German version: Heidnischer Imperialismus

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