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This is an amazing audience tested mind blowing Mentalism routine which has been honed to perfection.

Every Psychological & psychical ploy, verbal patter lines relevant to its success and of course the methodology of the effects themselves are all explained in great detail.

What follows is a 100% fair and honest description of what takes place and what the audience see, however please note in actual performance the routine is even most impressive than it sounds here, as no words can do justice to the visual and psychological beauty of the routines perfection.

This routine has been honed to perfection and was inspired by a combination of ideas by Max Maven, Ali Bongo, Al Koran, Aldo Colombini, Simon Arrason, Marc Paul and numerous other tops names.

The end result is greater than the sum of its parts and well I’ll let you decide, oh and when you’ve read this, I’d appreciate it greatly if you could let other Magic Newsgroups know about it, such as Magic Café etc.


In Clear view of the audience the Psychic Entertainer picks up a clear tub containing screwed up balls of paper which he explains there are 18 of, which are all blank.

Then he picks up a large writing pad and a black marker pen and is seen to draw a large cross onto the first sheet, which is then torn off, screwed up and added to the box.

This is then repeated with a second sheet, the audience seeing the black cross being drawn onto the sheet and then seeing the cross on the sheet as its screwed up and added to the box of paper balls.

The performer now has a box containing 20 screwed up balls of paper of which the audience know that TWO contain a Large Black Cross on their interior and have been told that the other 18 are blank inside.

After explaining that you will make everything in the next experiment as random as possible, you draw attention to a large envelope which has been in full view of the audience from the start of the show and state that you’ll be coming back to that later.

You then throw the contents of the clear plastic container into the audience so that the 20 paper balls fly out amongst the crowd and you tell the audience that whoever is nearest to a paper ball on the floor should pick it up and open the ball to see if there is a black cross inside.

Eighteen people find no crosses and so are told to sit down, however two people find black crosses inside their papers and as such are requested to come and join you on stage.

For the sake of this example we’ll say that one of the people is Female and one is male, although obviously the actual outcome would be different at each and every show due to the random nature of selection.

Its is explained that the shows organiser (The Company Boss for example) has in his possession some decks of playing cards which he obtained before the show and has been keeping safe until they were needed.

The Company Boss is introduced on stage and confirms that he got the random selection of decks of cards before the show and has been keeping them safe until they were required now!

He is instructed to place the plastic carrier bag of cards onto the table, take out the receipt, place it in his pocket and take a bow as he leaves the stage to another round of applause.

In this example, lets say that the on stage Male is then handed the plastic bag and told to empty the contents out onto the table discovering that the bag contains several decks of playing cards all of which are of different designs and of differe

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