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Sunderwynde Drive lies deep within the heart of the Cleveland suburbs. At the end of Sunderwynde Drive sits number forty-five twenty-six, home to Jerry, Liz and their children, Melissa and Kenny. Unbeknownst to them, their house covers a piece of ground with a past. Hundreds of years earlier, a curse had been placed on it by a local Native American medicine man (fellowship at Hopkins), who was ticked off at the flood of obnoxious New England settlers bent on competely ruining his neighborhood. The spirits were duly invoked, and these agreed to perform some appropriately retributive act (specifics to be determined) at some far-off, future date. As it happens, a group of rather odd individuals has stumbled upon the legend of the curse, and has managed to figure out when and where it'll be carried out. The when is soon, and the where is forty-five twenty-six Sunderwynde Drive. They are determined to be on hand when the fireworks start going off.

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