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I normally love Dorothy Cannell's books, but this perticular book didn't seem to be as good as the ones I have read. I stoped at a little over one-hundred and twenty pages. I have it on my nook, so it went back on the shelf, to try reading at a later date. Hopefully, the next time I try to read this book, it will be more appealing. I like the fact that Cannell adds so much detail to create great visuals for readers imagination, but I think this time it got into the way of character development. I think Mrs. Cannell was relying on her fan base, the assumption that the readers were already familar with her Ellie series. This lead to less effort in her characters. Most books seem to be stand alone, and grab at you with humor, intrigue, mystery, and anecdotes. This one seemed to have that but not with the same effort she usual puts into her works. I might not have given it a fair chance, a hundred and so pages doesn't exactly give enough or much to work with to judge it completely. So I will chalk it up to my mood, which is the reason why it went back on the shelf and not the nook's file 13. I will continue to rate it three stars, it may lack much wit and development compared to her better works, but it still is better than most books by authors out there. You are able to get "some" enjoyment out of it, as long as your expectations are not too high.

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