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Talking with Twentieth Century Men is not a history book, although the 21 famous men interviewed in it all died last century. Now they take part in live discussions between their souls on the Other Side and the author, Peter Watson Jenkins. The dialogue is channeled by America s foremost Clear Channel psychic, Toni Ann Winninger. The book's intriguing list of men is impressive: Louis Armstrong, James Baldwin, Cesar Chavez, Walt Disney, Ernest Hemingway, Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon, Joe Louis, Yehudi Menuhin, J. Robert Oppenheimer, George Orwell, Jesse Owens, George S. Patton, Pablo Picasso, Elvis Presley, Babe Ruth, Peter Sellers, Frank Sinatra, Sam Walton, Andy Warhol, Frank Lloyd Wright. Questions are answered: Will Elvis return to Earth? How did John Lennon feel about the breakup of the Beatles? Did Babe Ruth make an obscene gesture before making his last and greatest hit? Does Robert Oppenheimer regret the work he did in creating the first atomic bomb? What does Sam Walton now feel about the Wal-Mart empire he started? We learn about the strong connection with past lives in ancient Rome that influenced the way Louis Armstrong made his trumpet wail, and helped General George Patton plan is attack in the Battle of the Bulge. We discover what Pablo Picasso intended to express in cubist art, and how making money drove Andy Warhol's pop art manufacture. Racial discrimination is a theme of James Baldwin the writer, Jesse Owen the Olympic gold medalist, and the civil rights leaders Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King, Jr. Novelist George Orwell discusses the major challenge that will affect planet Earth and its people in the next few years. Rounding out the series of Dialogues with Masters of the Spirit World this lively and challenging study raises important questions of life and death and after death, with the help of 21 fascinating men who know all the answers now they are back Home.

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