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this was a quick read. i enjoyed the guilty pleasure of the romance it brought. i always like to read something seasonal around christmas time so i picked up this book. hades lord of the underworld, had a relationship on earth with a human named kate. he is then banished to hell by zues but before he leaves zues allows him to have a child with kate. while in hell hades worries about his daughter gaining god-like powers so he sends his nephew hermes to earth to spy. hermes a.k.a. nick uses kate's sister benny (a widow) to get close enough to keep tabs on the baby. he then falls for bennie. the story is told from bennie's point of view and it tells of her fling with nick, but there is another man(josh), a co-worker of bennies who is the opposite of nick in almost every aspect. she is torn between the two, hence the title "naughty or nice"

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Release date 01.10.2008
Pages count352
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