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Statistics hold that many, if not all, people will eventually die, regardless of 401(k) savings. Spirit seekers and others looking for information on the continuity of life need look no further than Dr. James Lewis's seminal and methodical study. Popular, historical, and cultural aspects of death and the hereafter are explored and explained, including heaven and hell, reincarnation, communication with the dead, the rise of spiritualism, deathbed visions, the hospice movement, Ouija Boards, walk-ins, and many other items of high interest to the person planning the next leg of the journey."Is there life after death?" asks best-selling author Raymond A. Moody in his foreword. "It is notoriously difficult to form a simple response to this conundrum, and yet it is becoming an increasingly pressing issue. For now, baby boomers such as myself — a significant percentage of the population — are becoming acutely aware that death may happen someday to friends of our own age."

From alchemy to near-death experiences and from Gilgamesh to the collective unconscious, readers will find objective and sensitive information on this ever-fascinating and elusive topic. The Death and Afterlife Book considers the evidence and relates thousands of years of belief and understanding on a topic that's inevitably of great interest to us all.

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PublisherVisible Ink Press
Release date 01.02.2003
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