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Malice Aforethought is the story of murder-one-the premeditated, cold-blooded killing and obliteration of the name and life-story of the world's greatest writing genius, William Shakespeare. This shameful tale has finally been unraveled, slowly but inexorably, piece by dramatic piece, during the last century. Whom did Shakespeare offend so grievously that he had to be eradicated forever from the rolls of life? Or was he only embroiled in high-stakes drama and malevolence by ill-fortune? Using well-known sleuthing techniques, the Great Shakespeare Hoax has been solved, the true genius identified and the diabolical perpetrators revealed. Their disgraceful deception, coerced on a gullible world, has been eminently successful for four centuries but no longer. The dastardly deed of filching and squelching Shakespeare's name, the immediate jewel of his soul, was a wanton act of assassination with malice aforethought, malum in se, malevolent by its very nature. The despicable act was motivated solely for reasons of endless appetite for power and wealth by individuals at the highest level of English government. Remarkably, a cover-up of the truth still continues today in the United States and England.

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