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This is a "How To' book about improving one's athletic and golfing ability. It exposes the 'I'm too old," belief and the "I can't' charade. The better teaching in golf comes from those with an inveterate knowledge of the game, and the ability to convey it. As one who has lived the experience of improvement through strengthening the left hand, I'm able to sneak up beside the reader and say, "Oh yes you can. Yes, you CAN. SEE? You couldn't get there from HERE, but if you do THIS first, or accomplish THAT task, you'll improve enough to do THIS." And enjoy the doing of it. Sports like golf - with intricate physical mechanics - SEEM like mysteries to many because they've missed the good instruction, or listened through ears of disbelief because they weren't athletic superstars in their youth. Careful readers will understand they don't NEED to have learned golf as a child to become proficient and have fun with it as an adult. They just need to learn to transfer their personal physical talents and sports abilities into the mechanics of the golf swing. This is a process, and it's what the book is about. I've sought in the writing to simplify golf - a game in which intricacy and difficulty IS the draw, as well as the bane. The book never strays from the theme that golf is a physical game, but without spreading it thin, I maintain that athleticism is gained through diligent and guided practice, peppered with belief. The book focuses on elemental truths fundamental to successfully striking a golf ball. immutable nuggets I've come face-to-face with through experience, highlighted and punctuated by wisdom from, among others, Ted Williams, Jack Nicklaus and Muhammed Ali. Most golfers swing the clubwith a dominant right hand, because 90 percent of the population is right-handed.

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