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Matching nearly 500 photographs, maps, and prints to a thoughtful, interpretive text, renowned military historian John Keegan again turns hisattention to "the war to end all wars."

The outbreak of World War I, Keegan notes, caught many Europeans and Americansby surprise. "Europe in the summer of 1914," he writes, "enjoyed a peacefulproductivity so dependent on international co-operation that a belief in theimpossibility of general war seemed the most conventional of wisdoms." Thatwisdom was quickly shattered with the onset of hostilities in the Balkans, whichsoon swept the continent and the world. Keegan takes a large view of events (themassive, multimillion-man offensives along the fronts, for instance) whilerecalling the agonies (and occasional triumphs) of countless individuals on bothsides of the conflict. As he writes, Keegan offers a number of correctives(against other historians, for instance, he asserts that German forces indeedcommitted atrocities in Belgium), and he catalogs the blunders and disordersthat cost each side needlessly and dearly.

No contemporary historian is better equipped than Keegan for his subject, andthis book merits a place on the shelf of every student of modern history. — Gregory McNamee

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