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I had never read any of Carey's stories, or heard of him, and after reading this utter genius of a collection of his stories, I can't help but think, "Why have I not heard of him before?" Carey has created such masterpieces with these stories; it's quite difficult to put a word to describe them, but if I had to, it would be a fusion of reality and fantasy.

Many of Carey's stories are quite disturbing, but at the same time, one is able to muster a sense of appreciation for them. Most of them do not have a happy ending, with the exception for some, and can leave the reader with a bittersweet feeling. What I loved about his stories is just when you think you've got it all figured out after multiple stories, the ending hits you like it had for the past eight short stories you've read. There's something quite profound about Carey's writing - he often builds this out-of-the-world stage in his stories, surrounding values that are also found in the reality of our world.

What I found about Collected Stories is that it is physically impossible to read it all in one sitting. It was necessary to put it down every few stories, or even after one story, because no matter how good they are, they are quite packed, penetrating and provoking one's mind so well that one needs a break. One thing for sure: I will definitely pick it up again and find myself lost in Carey's words yet again.

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