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Prison manufacturing is big business—About $800 Million Dollars a year and that is true!

A plan to embezzle millions was going just fine until the mistake was made of hiring three savvy women and the red flags went up.

When they suspect something is afoot, the trio takes things into their own hands by staging an undercover investigation that while successful, is more like bumbling Charlie's Angels. Join Kimberly, Cameron and Kate as they unravel the twists and turns in this clever crime caper and suspicion turns into danger, surprise and unexpected results.

The authors both have experience with marketing furniture manufactured in federal prisons and this book could not have been written without that knowledge. Some of the scenes are inspired by things that really happened, and while it is fiction, every detail was carefully thought out to create a clever scam that actually could have worked in real life according to Best Selling NYT author, former FBI undercover agent Joaquin "Jack" Garcia.

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PublisherMarina Publishing Group
Release date 02.03.2014
Pages count288
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