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This 4th instalment is a real oddity. It takes the Doctor (Tom Baker) to 1976 New York where he follows up the 4th mysterious item a superhero comic book.

This one's very much all about the story and less about the Doctor and even the way its narrated - like a pulp radio drama is very un-Dr Who like. It's also a complete deviation from the style and concepts of the previous 3 instalments.

Paul Magrs is very much in his element with this one and it feels like one of his (non Dr Who) novels with characters like the Legendary Talkies actress Mimsy Loyne. Shades of To the Devil a Diva anyone?

I really liked this, but its going to be one of those that divides people because it really doesn't sit well with the other stories and it isn't a particularly good Dr Who vehicle.

Still for those who want a superhero Dr Who story this is the one to listen to.

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